Rule Engine v2

Posted on Wed 02 October 2019 in Python

Today I'm proud to release version 2.0 of my Python Rule-Engine library. This new version comes with multiple improvements including:

  • Support for data attributes
  • Support for a new ARRAY data type
  • Documentation for the built in variables

For more information checkout the (also new) changelog.

Rule Engine Overview*

If …

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Native Hooks in Python

Posted on Sat 30 June 2018 in Python • Tagged with mayhem, tutorial

Sometimes it can be helpful to alter the functionality of a native program. This is often achieved through function hooks. These hooks come in a few different flavors depending on how they are installed. For this post we'll be focusing on "inline" hooks and describe how they can be installed …

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Mapping The Null Page With Python

Posted on Thu 28 June 2018 in Python • Tagged with mayhem, vulnerability-development

I've previously blogged on injecting Python into native processes. What started out as an experiment for determining the feasibility of implementing the "migrate" functionality for the Python Meterpreter went dormant until recently. When a proof of concept DoS exploit came out for CVE-2018-0833 I used it as an opportunity to …

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